Type: Peasant.
Size: Small (350 ms).
Average width: 40 ms.
Type surface: Gray sand and stones.
Surge: Moderate.
It is a means beach so large of calmest of the park, in spite of his easy
accessibility in car, since as soon as there are near constructions. It
almost does not have any maintenance, reason why often we can be seaweed
or the sweepings that has left some unscrupulous one but it is by the
others, like all beaches of the park, a place without contamination and
has many attractiveness. One of them its great geologic value: to the
right (watching the sea) of the small bay in arc form that gives name
to this beach, which appears to us is an enormous dune fossilized with
cliff aspect that does thousands of years comprised of the marine bottom,
since the Park and its volcanos, today the mountains of the zone, were
under the sea. Also the right we will see the Friars or the Sisters, two
volcanic very representative image and cones highest of the zone of the
place. To the rocky left there is formation that extends by the sea giving
rise to an interesting vegetation that this zone for the afficcionados
ones to the glasses makes very attractive of diving and giving varied
shelter one flora one and aquatic fauna. With respect to the bath the
beach makes form of step, which allows us when the sea is in calm throwing
to us from the border. It has enough stones and if the sea is anxious
is necessary to be very cautious, since it is a beach opened enough and
it can have currents and it takes out again, but when the sea is in calm
or blows the west wind becomes an ideal crystalline lake it swimming and
to observe the marine bottom. In addition it is possible to be walking
without much difficulty, footwear suitably to walk by rocks, until the
near town of fishermen of the Islet of the Moor. In order to enjoy totally
the zone covered by the sea very little depth he is recommendable to take
suitable aquatic plastic sandals or worn that protect of the sprocket
wheels or sharp rocks the more, although we can approach to us without
no equipment and enjoy a bath in the rocky part the less, located the
more to the right of the beach. Although it is not a nudist beach are
habitual visitors who practice the naturismo. As we always recommended
to take to solar protection and something of shade, since the natural
shade of rocks is very small and it takes care immediately.

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