By earth and sea

Here in the Park you can practice your favorite sport, some more specialized or simply the oldest sport of the man: to walk. If we began by the aquatic sports you will find a gang of “surfers” of most many-colored: the lovers of the strong wind giving jumps with its table of “wind-surf”, those that hope the “sea-plate” to do his first attempts and those that look for the waves with his “bodyboard”. In addition they are those that take a walk with their motos of water, to that from we requested here encarecidamente that they use his “apparatuses” without reducing the tranquillity which they enjoy La Paz of our virgin beaches. It is a wonderful zone to make trips by sea, the cleaning of our waters, our marine bottoms, our recondite and wild coves. A wonderful zone to sail and also to swim when it is the sea in calm. The lovers of the fishing will also enjoy our coast; again from we asked the fishermen here who gather their things before going away, because the people who take a walk by our beaches, a calm, healthy and healthful sport, does not have to find their boxes of bait there or the packages of their drinks where they were; to that they fish we will say to them that until “the more thorny” fish they will make a broth wonderful. And nonolvidaros of which we are in a Marine Park Natural, reason why the diving is, in this zone, than more spectacular. For that they prefer to have the Earth feet the senderismo is ideal, respectful with means and the only form to arrive at places that cannot be visited of any other way. We advised to the senderistas to flee from the hours of more heat, to take advantage of the dawns and dusks to enjoy all the color that offers our nature, and that almost disappears with the imposing light of this earth, to protect themselves of the sun and to always take water. In the Park sports with vehicles advise against totally all land, motos or cars, that degrade the life animal and vegetable of the zone, but is possible to make a trip to horse, to observe spectacular birds, like the flamenco ones, to see foxes, rabbits, mochuelos.. is only necessary to have the open eyes affluent, to observe and to walk in silence, is worth the trouble. Another advice for the pluses andarines, care, like always in the field, with the snakes or scorpions that can be calmly underneath a stone and that to only can itch us if they are bothered, scared or they feel cornered, with a little precaution we will avoid to spend a short while and llevaramos us badly an unforgettable memory, the experience to enjoy the nature.


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