Route San José – Cala of the Toros

San José route -Cala of the Bulls By Calahiguera, the Escullos and the Islet of the Moor
14 Km Linear
Difficulty: Average
recommended Epoca: All the year


We left from San jOse direction of the cove of the Fig tree by turned aside of Tau camping. In the crossroad, to 1 km approximately of the town we took the path from the left with an indicative poster, that runs on the feet of the hill of the Friar, high point but of the Natural Park with its 494 meters, and to which we do not have to accede being enclave of high level of protection. The bottom we will see that the way ascends almost in vertical, but when crowning the top we will enjoy incredible views of Cove Fig tree, the bays of San jOse and Genoveses and the coast escarped towards the south. From now on it is practically all reduction until the Escullos. We will contemplate cliffs of the hill of the Friars, unique in the world because due to the marine erosion they correspond to the interior of the volcanic boiler of the Friars, I roasted like columns of basalt and old quarries on the foot of the same ones, of where the paving stones for the streets of the cities were extracted. Already almost when finalizing our reduction, we will also see a quarry of bentonita, volcanic white clay that is used for numerous aims. All this crossed emphasizes by the great amount of espartos, albaidas, palmitos and retamas. We will arrive at the Wharf of the Escullos, from which we can raise the end of the Esparto to be able to observe from a privileged place the Battery of San Felipe, the Escullos, the Islet of the Moor and all the coast to the strength, located on a fossil dune eroded, constructed in s.XVIII to defend the coast of the kingdom of Granada of enemies and pirates. Following by the coast – poster beginning footpath we will arrive at the Islet of the Moor; town of fishermen that still maintains its fishing artisan, its docks and anchorages of long ago. From here and following by the beach of the White Rock, we took a path to the cove from the Bulls or Black Precipice, of volcanic origin that emphasize by its blackish mantle and its bottoms of posidonias, as well as by the small forest of antrópico origin of pines and palms. We hoped that you enjoy this wonderful one

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