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Cabo de Gata Natural Park - Níjar

Las Presillas Bajas Cabo de Gata

Las Presillas Bajas is a very small town in a spectacular setting.

The landscape offers us all the colors and shades typical of the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, with a great geological and botanical wealth.

Illuminated Rural Accommodation - Las Presillas Bajas

In summer, to recreate your view, you should especially take advantage of the first hours of the morning and the sunsets, with surprising skies: you will never forget the red sunsets, guaranteed. The reason to "look" at the beginning and end of the day is due to the intensity of the light on this earth, which makes colors flat in the middle of the day and barely distinguishable.

Antonio Herrera Rural House - Las Presillas Bajas

Throughout the year the rich vegetation, the colors, and the walks from the small town along the spectacular promenade that leads to the Majada Redonda, leave us with the feeling of living in an authentic oasis: palm trees, palmettos, fig trees, oleanders, asparagus, flowers, thyme and all the aromatics of the area at the edges of the sandy boulevard that make up a spectacular path. The mountain is full of esparto grass, sage, mongoose ... be careful trying them, there is nothing more bitter in the world.

Las Presillas Bajas is a totally quiet place, surrounded by unspoiled landscape, a destination for relaxation, away from the crowds even in the middle of summer, no road, no bars, no shops.
The inhabitants of Las Presillas are quiet people who dedicate themselves to their things: photographers, filmmakers and writers live with people from here and there.

In the Majada Redonda - Las Presillas Bajas Rural house

It is a balcony over the natural bay that make up La Isleta and Los Escullos and a starting point for some spectacular walks and hiking trails, less than two kilometers from Playa del Arco and Playa del Embarcadero.

ANDThe toponym apparently comes from the existence of a jail (a prison) during the Second Republic, from which the name "Presillas" would come and the name "Bajas" is due to the existence of some farmhouses located a few kilometers to the north and at a higher elevation, in addition to differentiating one farmhouse from another, the one located further north was called Presillas Altas and the one located further south was called Presillas Bajas.


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