Enjoy Cabo de Gata

Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata - Níjar

Ramblas and Volcanoes in Cabo de Gata


Low Loops - Round Majada


Distance: 12 Linear Km
Duration: 4 to 5 hours
Difficulty: Short
Recommended season: Late Winter and Spring


From the neighborhood of Las Presillas Bajas (it has a trail start sign), we take a lane that goes down to the Rambla de Majada Redonda, until we reach a cistern.

Once in this we will walk up the rambla, leaving the Garbanzal hill on our left and the slopes of the Majada Redonda landfill on our right.

The most abundant vegetation in this area are the prickly pears, although we will also find palm hearts, pitas, gorse, esparto, fig trees, carob trees and the occasional almond tree.

This is the predominant vegetation until close to the Berrengueles farmhouse, the terrain is a little wider, and here the predominant vegetation is thyme.

At this point on the road, we find a promenade on our right that will be the one through which we will enter the interior of a volcanic caldera, where we will observe, from the center, its perfect formation.

We will go back again to the crossroads of the road, which we will take to the Cortijada de Las Presillas Altas.

After the farmhouse we will continue along the path, on the left that will take us along a track that runs, between hills, a valley of ancient crops, where we can see beautiful mastic plants among the flora of the area, up to Los Albaricoques, a typical inland neighborhood that It owes its existence to the agriculture that is developed in this area, under plastics, but already outside the Park.