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Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata - Níjar

Agua Amarga - Cala del Plomo.

Agua Amarga - Cala del Plomo.


By Cala de Enmedio


Distance:  6 linear km.
Duration:  2 hours.
Difficulty:  Half.
Recommended season: All year.


The town of Agua Amarga, from which we will depart, is considered one of the anchorages used in the past by the Muslims. Today, it has become a beautiful tourist town, with a small Moorish air.
From here we will go south (signpost indicating the beginning of the trail). Where there is a small path that passes through a prehistoric cave town.

From the right of the ledge where the caves are, go up a small path towards the beach among thyme plants.


We will have to follow this path, and if we are not on the wrong track we will pass through a concrete bunker, a vestige of the last wars.


At the top of it, we climb the crest of the hill along a white path, up the hill and continue inland until our path forks.


We will continue to the left, where little by little the Cala de Enmedio will appear, a white beach, with white walls and rounded shapes, due to the action of the sea and the wind on the sandstone.


We will go back through our steps, passing through terraces with olive, fig and carob trees, to a house, from which there is a path that goes up to a small hill.

In the background you can see the San Pedro landfill, and under it the Cortijos del Plomo.


The valley formed in this area can be considered as the typical Mediterranean garden of yesteryear (palm trees, olive trees, terraces, ...) due to the existence of fresh water.

From these farmhouses we will go down to Cala del Lead.


If we want to continue to Las Negras along the coast, there is a sign to start the trail to the south.