Enjoy Cabo de Gata

Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata - Níjar

Cala San Pedro of Cabo de Gata

Cala San Pedro

Cabo de Gata Natural Park

Width: 20  m  Length: 225m   Sand: golden Highway:  trail from the town of Las Negras

Cala San Pedro was always a secluded cove of great beauty but difficult to access, as you had to walk a long way, where you can still enjoy the grandeur and roughness of this territory. Although it is no longer so quiet and secluded since the access that used to be a long walk from Las Negras, today it can be done by boat, which constantly transports people from Las Negras to this cove. It has excellent environmental conditions, has calm waters and has a seabed of great interest to divers. In the cove there is a fresh water spring and a coastal defense from the 18th century. The cove is permanently inhabited by a community of people who love nature, the practice of nudism and solitary places, although in Easter and August it is a destination for young people who do free camping, so peace and quiet it becomes a campsite without services and a youthful withering.