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Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata - Níjar

The Sculptures of Cabo de Gata

If we are looking for references to Los Escullos today, we will find them in La Carta Esférica, by Pérez Reverte or in the song of El Joraique, the pirate by Juan Perro. But these references, from the end of the last millennium, to ships that take refuge from storms in this bay or to Don Felipe's castle, are updated every time a storm rages and we see the large ships come to take refuge in this bay.

The Escullos cove defines the space that goes from the Isleta del Moro to the Punta del Esparto, with the Arco beach and the Embarcadero cove. We have come through a valley sedimented by the ramblas coming from the extinct craters of Majada Redonda and Los Frailes, whose summit is one of the most beautiful places that we can contemplate within the Park.

It has fossil dunes of impressive beauty. The castle of San Felipe stands on a mountain in the so-called Punta del Esparto, This Castle is built on these fossil dunes, built in the 18th century (1771). by Carlos III for the defense of the coastline against Berber aggressions, it constitutes one of the 9 fortresses, from the town of Garrucha to Manilva (Málaga), that this Monarch ordered to be built as a defensive battery for four guns. It was in 1765, when the Regulation for the Defense of the Coast of the Kingdom of Granada was approved, which is why a whole network of defensive system began to be organized, to which this castle belongs.


Also in the municipality of Níjar and belonging to this same defense system, those of San Francisco and San José, now disappeared, and those of San Felipe and San Ramón (in the Rodalquilar beach) were built. A series of watchtowers complements the coastal defense and warning work. It is in good condition. It has been recently restored.

Playa del Arco is next to this small town and is a splendid beach where you can enjoy snorkeling over an impressive posidonia forest and next to its cliffs on calm sea days.

 From this town you can take a 2.5-hour walk along a wide road to Cala Higuera and San José.
or a shorter one to the Isleta del Moro, among others.

A place to enjoy the sunrises over the sea, starting point for incredible routes and walks in the heart of the Cabo de Gata - Níjar Natural Park.

Coordinates: -2.064035, 36.802689