Enjoy Cabo de Gata

Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata - Níjar

Embarcadero Beach
Galley Stone

Cabo de Gata Natural Park

Width: 20  m  Length: 320 m   Sand: stones and coarse sand
Highway: I walk from Los Escullos, 

Wide cove belonging to the Cabo de Gata-Níjar National Park, also called Piedra Galera located at the foot of the Cerro de los Frailes, the highest elevation in the volcanic mountain range. It is a wild place, excellent for lovers of nature and lost places.

It is easily accessed through the ALP-326 and the Escullos neighborhood. It has a small parking area and lacks services. It is recommended to go on excursions in the area, to enjoy the monumentality of the volcanism of the mountains that in this area reaches its maximum expression. Equally attractive are its seabed, full of reefs and colonized by oceanic Posidonia meadows. Stony beach that is usually frequented by teams of divers since its seabeds are the main attraction of this desert beach.