Enjoy Cabo de Gata

Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata - Níjar

Playa del Peñon Blanco in Cabo de Gata

Peñon Blanco Beach

Cabo de Gata Natural Park

Width: 25  m  Length: 240 m   Sand: golden  Highway:   ALP-326

It is known as La Isleta Beach and also as Playa del Peñón Blanco, since it is not in front of the urban nucleus, but withdrawn to one of its sides. It is a beach with exceptional environmental conditions and extraordinary beauty, ideal for nature lovers and especially interesting for geology fans, since here volcanism builds spectacular forms. 

Next to the beach is the Isleta del Moro Arráez neighborhood, a settlement of pure, southern and Mediterranean lines that has grown a lot in recent years but maintains its flavor and fishing fishing along the coast. In its highest part there is a viewpoint from which you can admire the monumentality of this mountain range, an almost unreal landscape, one of the most beautiful views of this territory. Easily accessible from the ALP-326 and without parking problems. The beach lacks services but as it is located next to La Isleta, we will find it very close to everything, being able to make a getaway at "tapas time" or in search of fresh water.

Isleta del Moro town

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