Enjoy Cabo de Gata

Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata - Níjar

Monsul Beach in Cabo de Gata

Monsul Beach

Cabo de Gata Natural Park

Width: 45 m  Length: 300 m    Sand: dark 
Road: Camino de Tierra de San José to Cala Carbón

The image of Monsul beach is surely the most emblematic of the Park.

With dark sand, it is striking for its huge living dune, which, depending on the direction of the wind, covers one of its basalt walls with sand.

We will also see a huge rock, like a lava tongue, that invades part of the beach and the water. The beach is surrounded by erodible walls of lava, which fall on the beach in incredible ways; These have formed cavities where several people can fit and are a great shelter from the sun.

Due to its peculiarity and unrepeatable landscape, it has been chosen for well-known cinematographic scenes of "In search of the lost ark", "The adventures of Baron Münchhausen", "Lawrence of Arabia" or The man who lost his shadow ".

Mónsul is perfectly accessible by car from the beach road that leaves from San José, so during Easter and August it is very "populated", although it does not suffer from the overcrowding of other Mediterranean beaches.

It is a virgin space of enormous beauty to visit and enjoy at any time of the year.

You can also make a walking excursion from San José or from the Cabo de Gata Lighthouse, two routes on foot to enjoy the beauty of the coastline and discover corners that are not accessible otherwise.

These excursions are advisable outside of the hottest months of the year and last several hours, so it is recommended to plan the itinerary and bring water and protection for the sun (an essential hat in summer).

It is a very difficult place to forget.