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Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata - Níjar

Los Genoveses beach in Cabo de Gata

Los Genoveses Beach

Cabo de Gata Natural Park

Width: 80 m  Length: 120 m   Sand: golden
Road: Camino de Tierra de San José to Cala Carbón

Los Genoveses beach in Cabo de Gata

Probably the most beautiful bay in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park and one of the most special corners of the Mediterranean. Are we exaggerating? You will see that it is not.

A virgin bay, without buildings, without power lines, without beach bars, without roads ... we hope that for a long time, and it is that against the degree of protection of the area and its unusual beauty and wealth, there are many attempts that are made. They have communicated, urbanized and "civilized" this bay, which once again shows that we are most uncivilized: the last claim is to pave the accesses, while the trend in other protected natural spaces is to put common transport and limit the number of visitors.

Genoese Bay

But let's talk about La Bahía de Los Genoveses: We can access it by walking along a path of unusual beauty, which starts at the end of the Bay of San José and surrounds the mountain that separates this urban nucleus and the bay.

A path surrounded by espartos, lavenders, thyme ... and from which we are offered a panoramic view of the entire bay with the Morrón de los Genoveses in the background. This trail is recommended for all types of walkers but it is not suitable for carts or bikes, only on foot.

If the sea is calm, we will observe a seabed in which some rocks darken the turquoise color. Little by little we will be offered a panoramic view of Los Genoveses, a sea arch, then sand, some eucalyptus trees where you can shelter from the sun, some dunes in the background where you can protect yourself from the wind and the shore, depending on the wind that has moved the sea, with some Seaweed at the beginning and some stones, which then leave most of the length of the beach free, only with fine sand, a friendly sea that you enter little by little, with patience until you can hardly get the water to cover you.


How to get there from San José

To access this path we will go to the end of San José and just before reaching the Civil Guard we will find a block of blue and white houses that we will leave on the left. until we find a dirt track, which will lead us to the path. You can enjoy the new Josefina Huertas viewpoint created on the illegal construction of a hotel that the junta has demolished, for the enjoyment of all park lovers. Another path on foot to get to Los Genoveses is from El Molino, where the dirt track that leads by car to Genoveses begins, just at the entrance to the impressive volcanic pot that makes up the valley where this bay is located.

From the mill there is a right-of-way or path that, in a typically Mexican landscape, will take us along a path lined with pitas to a more leafy area, where oleanders grow in the boulevards; We will also appreciate the interior of the bay, with traditional cultivation of prickly pears, and thanks to the lack of herbicides, it presents in spring a spectacular landscape of poppies, evergreens, purple bells, yellow flowers ...

By car from San José

If we go by car there is a public parking that is about 500 meters away. from the seashore, but we can also find past the mill, a previous entrance closed to traffic by metal gates but ideal for walkers and cyclists, which allows us to walk to the sea along a wide and smooth path, great for carts, bikes or older people, surrounded this time by pine trees. We advise you to bring water and sun protection and we strongly recommend not to leave any type of garbage (including highly polluting cigarette butts) anywhere other than the garbage containers, since in periods of high occupancy this wonderful beach does not have, unfortunately, no maintenance or cleaning or anything like it.

In the months of July and August as well as in Holy Week Genoese is very crowded, although still far from the overcrowding of other places thanks to the control that exists at its entrances and that limits the entry of vehicles once those who are estimated to have passed place to park. An always permissive and diversified beach where some practice naturism and others do not. A beach that occupies the entire bay of the Genoese, which makes it ideal for taking long walks along the seashore. We strongly request from here that the cars heed the indication at the beginning of the track not to run faster than 20 km / h, since some off-roaders seem to be doing practice for the «Paris Dakar» and wrap the rest of the mortals in a thick cloud of dust.


By Bus from San José

Regular passenger line by coach

San José and the beaches of Mónsul, Genoveses, Barronal and Cala Carbón

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The buses start operating the second half of June until the end of the first half of September, we will soon put more information.

Enjoy this place, we hope it continues like this so that the next generations will also enjoy it.

Playa de Los Genoveses  de Cabo de Gata
Normally, those of us who have been involved in coordinating the Clean Ocean Project are people attached to the sea due to our love of surfing and windsurfing. It is something that gets into you from the beginning, just like the first jet of salt water that enters your nose when a good wave rolls over you. Hence the logo with the surfer and the trash can: someone who admires the sea and who, without complexes, wants to give back some of everything he has given. If you are one of those who pick up that vilely abandoned plastic bottle in the sand, we congratulate you… You are not alone! We do the same but with a certain organization to try to spread it.