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Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata - Níjar

Well of the Friars Cabo de Gata

The Pozo de Los Frailes is a small urban nucleus near the coast and included in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Níjar. It still conserves customs and uses from "before", it has a small old town with all its "flavor" and a very well restored Ferris wheel, which will give us an idea of the importance and treatment of water and where, until very recently, the Mrs. Angeles «La Gata» stopped frequenting her, the women of the Well have always washed.

The Noria del Pozo de Los Frailes is one of the most popular "monuments" in the Cabo de Gata - Nijar Natural Park. The Ferris wheel works by using horses, usually mules or donkeys and, exceptionally and in the past, oxen, as well as people. It was installed on the old communal well, made by local artisans, and surrounded by a pleasant little park, it has an information booth about the Park.

The Pozo de los Frailes has achieved an important tourist development without losing its charm. Its inhabitants are friendly people who will do everything possible to make your stay pleasant. Simple and welcoming people, who will not hesitate to tell you their things, things of the town, of their customs, of what a very close past was like. And although the women have stopped making gurullos, they still have the recipe and the men still go out to hunt the partridge when it is time, thanks to them, among others, there are so many partridges. Next to the Ferris wheel, the countrymen meet every afternoon to talk about their things, as has been done all their lives, and they will not hesitate to tell you what you want to know, as long as yours is a respectful curiosity. The festivities of the Pozo de los Frailes, around the day of the Virgen del Carmen, its patron, (July 16) are endearing, fun and familiar, the whole town dances the pasodobles and the songs of summer until the wee hours.

The situation of the Pozo de los Frailes makes it an ideal enclave to get to know the Park. Its surroundings are inviting to stroll in the cooler hours of summer and privileged in spring, full of flowers of all kinds; vegetation so lush that it attracts attention and lasts for a short time (only two months). From here you can make several routes on foot. After the town, the circular tower of the Los Frailes well windmill, recently restored, as well as the Fernán Pérez and the Campillo de Los Genoveses windmills.

The Pozo de Los Frailes, four kilometers from the beaches of San José or the beaches of Los Escullos, is one of the urban centers in the Cabo de Gata Níjar Natural Park where the customs and life of the inhabitants of this land.

It is very close to San José, where we will find all kinds of services and the natural entrance to the Poniente Beaches.
Towards the other side we find the detour towards Los Escullos, La Isleta, Rodalquilar ... immediately finding ourselves with the Playa del Arco.

A precious route that runs through several waterwheels starts from the Rambla del Pozo de los Frailes to Los Escullos.

Coordinates: -2.109654, 36.789101