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Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata - Níjar

Rodalquilar of Cabo de Gata

“Rodalquilar forms a semicircle of tilled and verdant earth, with something of the appearance of an amphitheater. The rocky mountains raise their walls as if they wanted to shelter him and defend him from the vulgarity of civilized life, lulling him to sleep in their steep stone breasts. Only in the east had its Roman circus wall collapsed, and because of the rift the waters prolonged the blue of the sky and stretched the horizon towards the Algerian border coast, as if in their continuous beating they had undermined and sunk its wall. "
(Carmen de Burgos "Colombine" / Writer born in Rodalquilar in 1867)

His description of Rodalquilar Carmen de Burgos is still current. Rodalquilar is one of the most interesting places in the province of Almería and a must-see within the Cabo de Gata Natural Park for its history, its gold mines, its spectacular landscape, its beaches, its people ... and everything that remains to be done. discover "on the spot". The Mining Town, a place where the miners lived and nowadays abandoned, deserves a walk.

Currently in Rodalquilar there are no mining operations, it has become a small tourist town with a spectacular environment, where you can enjoy its beauty and the friendliness of its inhabitants.

In addition, it is necessary to highlight its nearby beaches and coves, the most emblematic is El Playazo.
They offer you to be able to enjoy a clean and friendly sea almost always, with incredible funds for diving.

In Rodalquilar there are: 

The Albardinal Botanical Garden, dedicated to the investigation and conservation of endemic species and endangered plants of the Almeria Flora *

The Cabo de Gata Natural Park Management Office, where you can always find an exhibition about the area in the exhibition room next to the office. *

Geominero Museum of Rodalquilar «The House of the Volcanoes», developed inside the old House of the Foundry of this mining town.

The «Caldera de Rodalquilar» (incorrectly called today «Valle de Rodalquilar») is the main geological site of interest, since it is a splendid example of a sinking volcanic caldera that can be seen in its entirety from a single point of view. observation. This is due to its relatively small size, 8 km East-West by 4 km North-South, something rare in this type of geological structure.

Rodalquilar is the nerve center of the Park, a quiet place even in times of greatest tourist influx, of great natural beauty and full of history and places to discover.