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Types of kayak that exist and how to choose it depending on the activity

Kyay Mar Cabo De Gata

There are so many types of kayak that for initiated kayakers it is necessary to take a while to analyze which is the correct boat to use before fully immersing themselves in the world of these long and thin canoe variants.

And the important thing to know well what each kayak is about is that not all are made for any type of activity. We already see how there are kayaks that are specially designed for fishing, others for extreme sports in murky waters and others for simple speed sports.

And well, maybe for those who rent the wrong kayak things will not go so bad, but if you are thinking of buying a kayak, then things get a bit complicated.

Without so much chatter, let's take a closer look at all about the types of kayak and how to use them correctly.

Types of kayak according to their materials or how manipulable it is

One way in which we can classify kayaks is in the way in which they can be handled when being transported or also, depending on the materials used for their manufacture.

Within this classification we find the following types of kayaks:


Kayak Aguas Bravas

This boat is the classic kayak that most use. They are made of materials such as polyethylene, glass, kevlar, glass, polyester, plastic and wood.

In terms of size and weight it varies a lot depending on what they are manufactured for, but in general terms the weight can reach up to 20 kilograms, so it is not an easy boat to transport to the destination.


Kayak Modular

The detachable or modular kayak has several buildable parts that provide ease of transport and handling.

The best thing about this type of boat is that many brands allow you to convert one person kayaks into a 2 or 3 person with just adding a couple of pieces.

As for putting them together, it is a fairly simple thing that takes a few minutes, so there is nothing to worry about.


The folding kayak is made of wood and aluminum materials covered with waterproof fabric that are easily foldable and have a rigid design that is capable of reducing its size to the level of fitting in a large backpack.

As a huge disadvantage is the price, which exceeds the 1000 € to 2500 € easily.


Kayak Hinchable

The inflatable kayak is the most manipulable and easy to transport of this classification, since we can easily transport it inside a large backpack.

As a counterpart, this type of kayaks, although inexpensive they are very unstable, which is why they are not very good for practicing sports or anything like that, much less for traveling in rough waters.

This boat is ideal only if you are thinking of having a pleasant time while fishing or having fun in the water.

Types of kayak according to the activity

In addition to the above classification, it is also possible to classify the kayaks according to the activity for which they are designed. Remember that no kayak is designed for all types of activity and skipping this can turn into a complete and utter disaster.


The self-emptying kayak or sit on tops departs a bit from what we know as a kayak, providing us with an open boat with feet out.

In general terms it is not bad at all to go out on the water, but on the negative side it is found that it is too wide, so it is not the best if you are a professional kayaker.

In addition to this, because we are talking about a very low and open boat it is possible that you will end up completely drenched if you decide to visit rough waters.

Of course, this boat is very stable, so it is excellent for beginners in the field.


The surfski is an extremely thin and long type of kayak that is special for running in the sea. Count with one self-draining system to prevent water from accumulating in our boat and, in addition, they are quite stable.

Of course, being such a slim boat you need a lot of experience to use it correctly.


This is a self-emptying kayak variable that features fishing accessories. There are people who put their shovels aside to place a combustion engine or use pedals.


Kayaking is an activity that requires a lot of energy in the arms to be able to perform. That said, it is not an activity that just anyone can do.

A totally viable alternative for those who cannot or wish to use the shovel for a long time is to take advantage of these pedal boats.

They use a pedal-connected turbine system that propel the boat easily.


This kayak is one of the slimmest and longest. They are specially manufactured to obtain the maximum possible speed thanks to their high hydrodynamic performance.

However, despite its performance, this boat is highly unstable and needs very good maneuverability and experience to use it without tipping over.


This boat is designed to be used in open sea competitions.

They are usually manufactured with light and resistant materials and with a length of about 6 meters.

As for the width, they are usually quite narrow, even narrower than the kayaks that we mentioned previously.


This boat is one of the smallest that exists to provide the greatest possible maneuverability.

They do not have space to protect objects, far from it, but it is very good for making a large number of movements that require precision and speed.


This boat does not have much in particular that makes a difference to the others.

They are practically specialized for the sport of kayak polo, which is practically water polo combined with bumper cars.

In terms of size, they are quite small and do not have space to protect objects.


Slalom is a sport that consists of crossing gates made with two rods that assimilate an improvised goal.

This boat is specially designed for this sport. Because the most important thing in this activity is mobility, these boats are very small and with an intermediate width, so speed is sacrificed for stability and maneuverability.


Kayak Cerrado Cabo De Gata

Finally, how not to talk about the boat that most closely resembles the traditional model that was born more than four millennia ago.

It is one of the boats most adaptable to the needs of each person. Generally speaking, the width is at least 60 cm and the length of 350 cm.

The height is quite good to obtain a fairly good stability and the length and beam can vary a lot.

These boats have a skirt made of waterproof material to prevent water from entering our boat.

How to choose the ideal kayaks

Choosing the ideal boat for your activities, whether sports or recreational is not an easy task. There are so many makes and models of these boats on the market that choosing the right one is complex.

And if there is no doubt about something, it is that there is nothing more uncomfortable than to last at least an hour paddling in something that is completely uncomfortable.

We leave you some tips to choose the ideal boat:

  • Choose light and resistant materials such as kevlar, plastic or fiberglass
  • Before buying, make sure you know the location where you plan to use the boat
  • Question the level of experience you have using this type of boat
  • Check the blades for the necessary grip to get the most thrust possible
  • Choose name-brand boats to ensure you get the highest quality possible
  • If you are not thinking about recreation, forget about the inflatable boats
  • Check the width and length of your boat. The thinner and shorter it is, the more difficult it will be to maneuver
  • How many people plan to use the boat? Do not forget this before buying or renting!
  • If you have any kind of arm problem or you think you might not fully adapt to a ride, you can opt for a pedal boat