Enjoy Cabo de Gata

Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata - Níjar

Aguamarga from Cabo de Gata

A small fishing village, well located within the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park.

With orchards born around the wells and typical grazing lands of this jewel of the Andalusian coast, where we can still find characteristic constructions, of the Campos de Níjar, such as beautiful cisterns and old restored farmhouses.

The town of Aguamarga is a small town where you live facing the sea, where you still live on the beach itself, a walk from emblematic coves with impressive geological formations: La Cala del Medio and the Cala del Plomo.


Interesting trails to enjoy excursions in the cooler hours. In addition to the coastal walks, the walks to the mineral loading dock or its ancient olive tree.

At present there are also Rural houses because they are distinguished by their personality, location and services, as well as Vacation Apartments on the first and second line of the beach, in order to meet the different preferences of tourism in love with Aguamarga. 

The name of Aguamarga comes from the Arabic Al-hawan, which means location of water.
Aguamarga is also known for its cliffs dotted with coves and virgin beaches.

Agua Amarga supports part of its fishing tradition, although it has become a town devoted to tourism, where you can enjoy its restaurants on the beach and of course the most beautiful sunrises over the sea and its characteristic red sunsets over the mountains.

Towards Carboneras, the closest urban nucleus, we find the emblematic Playa de Los Muertos.

An ideal destination to enjoy this land full of light and the Biosphere Reserve.

How to get to the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata - Níjar